Stone Floor Restoration

Stone Floor Restoration and Refinishing Specialist

The character of a stone floor differs vastly between different stones, especially when taking into account the manufactured finish, and the final finish achieved by means of sealant and maintenance products. Stone floor restoration per se, may not in all cases be desirable. Aged flagstone floors found within period properties for example, are often a priceless gem. The patina on the stone tile impossible to reproduce by artificial means other than through use and maintenance over a period of time.

My perspective is always considered and understanding to client and stone floor alike.

I welcome the opportunity to offer guidance and share my experience with regards to the sympathetic restoration of your stone flooring.

Limestone Stone Floor Restoration
Traditional Stone Floor Wax Polishing and Resealing
Tile Replacing

A carefully laid stone floor can last for hundreds of years, unfortunately some buildings lead a harder life than others, resulting in stone floors need repair. We will repair your damaged floor. Restoring your cherished stone floor to its past best

Unsealed stone is porous and will look a right mess in no time, so make sure it is properly sealed and re-seal frequently (check the manufacturer’s recommendations).

Traditional Flagstone floors in a kitchen, hallway or dining area look amazing, and can make a room stand out. Stone flooring lasts forever and needs very.

Stone for Restoration and Resealing Benefits

Sealing natural stone wall tiles
Super penetrating and permanent
Retains natural colour and finish of the surface
Superior stain protection – super oil and water repellence
Deep liquid repellent barrier protects against efflorescence, picture framing, spalling and freeze-thaw damage
Easy to apply
Makes cleaning easier and keeps surface looking new for longer; controls moss and mildew growth
Fully breathable – water vapour escapes freely, helping to avoid harmful moisture buildup inside the treated material
Treated areas are food contact safe

Any enquiries about stone floor restoration are welcome, please contact for further details.

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